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CSGO Pug: pug.amsgaming.in connect

CSGO 1.6 AWP: awp.amsgaming.in connect

CS 1.6 Pub: pub.amsgaming.inconnect

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1 AnonymouS SNiPER ZoNE awp_india 3/28
2 AnonymouS PUG [Mumbai] [128T !ws !knife] [LIVE 1-5] de_mirage 9/11
3 AnonymouS Gaming Pub Server [24/7] ]| AmS GAMiNG MoD |[ de_dust2 2/32

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  • You can report player using discord #report-player section
  • You can also use sbans to report
  • If you see any hacker in server you can use !report to report player & we review reports
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